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Dental Care

Our pet's ability to disguise pain hinders our understanding of when they might need help. Dental disease is one of the most common diseases we treat. Just like in humans, dental problems can cause pain. Discovering the sources of pain requires a complete oral exam under general anesthesia by our experienced team. Dental x-rays help us diagnose and treat dental disease, as the majority of dental disease occurs below the gum-line.



Signs of Dental Disease in Pets:

- Red/swollen gums

- Tartar/calculus buildup

- Bad breath

- Swelling on or around the face

- Excessive drooling

- Dropping food while eating

- Pawing at their mouth or face

- Discolored teeth (yellow, brown, purple)

Brushing Dog's Teeth

Dental Services for Dogs and Cats:

- Full oral health exam

- Digital Dental X-ray

- Scaling & Polishing

- Oral Surgery (mass removal, teeth extraction)

- Bonded Sealants (for uncomplicated fractures & enamel defects)

- Vital Pulpotomy (used to treat malocclusion and acute pulp exposure on a healthy tooth)

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